Tuesday, 23 May 2017


I feel light as a feather - as if the faintest breeze could easily lift me up at any moment - 

when was the last time I was in such a mood that just the sound of a bird chirping would fill my chest with joy? Or that I found myself thinking while walking to the laundromat, 'today is a really lovely day'? Have I ever felt like this before? Have I ever been in such a ininterrupted state of joy (it's a different thing from happiness, mind you, though most of the time they go hand in hand) before? Will this joy last when I have to go back home, or is it only inherent to this place and this time? 

In part, I think, it's the fruit of the effort I have been making for these past few years to be content in the everyday. But this is not just contentedness, it is more. 

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