Monday, 7 November 2016

This afternoon.

 This afternoon | A golden hour 

I couldn't focus anymore on what I was studying and was starting to feel a bit hopeless, 
so I closed the textbook and ran a bath.

I lit up a candle and made a playlist while the tub filled up.

and then Nude by Radiohead (no playlist is complete without a sad song.).

I danced the blues out.

My hair is soft and it smells of honey.

I take the dinner out of the oven and for once having to eat it alone doesn't weigh on me so much. 
I have a slice of the apple and raisin cake I made this afternoon. 

It's all good.

(I had another post planned which I've been writing for days, a minute here and a minute there, slowly adding word after word; then I sat down and wrote this thing in five minutes. I love when things like these happen)